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Instant loan with trial period.

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 At the house bank or a car bank, you have no chance of getting approval for an instant loan with a trial period. On the other hand, the free financial market shows many opportunities that do not stand in the way of a license even during the trial period and allow you to choose a cheap loan.

First you should choose a free comparison and check with which lender you can find the best terms and interest. The combination of a low interest rate and a flexible contractual basis should always be preferred, since both factors affect the attractiveness of the loan to the same extent and only lead to a really advantageous offer in its entirety.

Anyone who compromises on an instant loan with a trial period could face a problem during the term and fall directly into the debt trap.

Comparisons to the instant loan with a trial period protect against wrong decisions

Comparisons to the instant loan with a trial period protect against wrong decisions

A loan should definitely fit the claim and needs of the applicant. The adjustment in the desired sum, as well as the flexible general conditions and low interest rates are three points that have to be clarified before carrying out the comparison and getting an overview of interesting offers.

Flexibility in repayment becomes an advantage if the term is accompanied by a change in the financial background and you become unemployed after the trial period, for example, or get a permanent position and want to adjust your monthly installments accordingly.

Not only in the case of a temporary deferral or a reduction in installments, but also in the event of special repayments being requested, flexibility influences the decision of the lender and influences the costs associated with the loan. A flexible instant loan with a trial period can be changed at no additional cost and quickly, easily and unbureaucratically adapted to the current situation. Those who have chosen inflexible can expect a rejection of the adjustment or cannot rule out an increase in price.

All this can be seen in the comparison of various loans, which you can make free of charge before applying and which can provide you with information about the relevant offer in a matter of seconds. Only those who choose a service from a financial intermediary can rule out their own comparison and rely on the recommendation of a specialist.

In both cases, one should not exclude foreign banks or private donors and opt for a very broad overview. Ultimately, the instant loan with trial period can convince, its performance is convincing with optimal conditions and can be adapted at any time to changes in the life of the borrower.

The right protection for an instant loan with a trial period

The right protection for an instant loan with a trial period

Anyone who owns property or can hedge with capital-forming insurance does not need an optional guarantee or a second applicant. If this option is not available to you, you can easily get the approval with a guarantor and transfer the liability for your loan to third parties. In combination with the flexibility in repayment, it is easy to find a guarantor and not to expose it to a high risk. The borrower can no longer get into debt with the lender, since the rates change at any time and can be adapted to the currently prevailing options.

The sponsor is therefore not held liable by the sponsor and is encouraged to pay the outstanding debts and to pay for the immediate loan with a trial period instead of the borrower. It is therefore not only an advantage for more flexibility in the term, but also for the protection with a guarantee, if you attach great importance to the contractual terms of the loan and are not only oriented towards interest rates. You apply for an instant loan with a trial period on the Internet and use the form that the selected donor has made available on his website.

The information must be plausible and understandable. Since there is no personal meeting between the borrower and the lender, the lender only gets his information from the form and will make a positive decision if he is convinced by the entries relating to the applicant and for protection.

Cheap and flexible loans are the best way to adapt to life with all changes and new situations and rule out that you can make a long-term decision without looking to the future. No applicant knows whether his situation will change in the term and whether one is financially better after the trial period, or worse off due to a lack of takeover by the company. If you decide carefully, problems in the runtime are excluded.


Buying a home can be a particularly difficult task and the process can become even more difficult if you lack the necessary documents that are typically required to obtain a home loan. Self-employed, freelance, or contractual contractors who are unable to provide tax returns or reports can often fall into the risk clients’ list.

Few financial institutions consider such customers a serious risk and refuse them similar products. On the one hand, a mortgage loan is a particular type of loan because a mortgage is usually provided for the benefit of the bank.

If the customer does not return the relevant amount, the bank takes the corresponding property. The risk here is greater than that of a home loan because they remain the property of the client, which can easily be lost. What are the pros and cons to which you should stop when taking out this type of loans?

Is it a good fit for me with a mortgage without proof of income ?

Is it a good fit for me with a mortgage without proof of income ?

Lenders understand that just because your financial situation is different does not mean you need to be penalized or forego the opportunity to buy or refinance a mortgage. Before seeking this kind of financing, when you have no income, it is a good idea to be sure that you are able to repay the amount.

Getting a mortgage without proving income is an extremely difficult decision that involves serious risk. After all, the only thing you will get as a result if you do not pay your installments is to lose the property.

What conditions should I meet?


The first thing you need to have is real estate that is your property and can therefore mortgage it for the benefit of the bank. There is one very subtle point here – the more attractive a property is, the greater the difference in its valuation. You would get one if you offered an apartment in the center of some of the big cities, but quite another when it comes to a village dwelling for example. Of course, there are a lot of other details in the valuation of the property that are more in line with those used by real estate brokers to advertise different offers – accessibility, extras, construction, sewerage system in the settlement, gasification, heating, construction – brick, panel , EPC…

The better the property, the greater the amount the bank will lend you. If you are not sure – ask or research online at real estate sites. Check the prices of similar properties in the area with similar parameters and you will get an approximate price and accordingly you will know what amount you would get in the form of a loan.



  • Opportunity to receive a large sum of money deferred over a long payback period. If you are in dire need of a large sum and you are sure that you can handle the repayment – act boldly. However, when you have a reason not to work and you know that you could not begin earning enough money to sustain yourself soon – think again if there is no other option.
  • It can take and flowed loan without proof of income. Yes, as long as you have regular revenue. Many people today work freelance and if you are a proven specialist who works in a particular field and has regular clients, then you have good enough income. In this case, it is not important that you do not work under an employment contract – you have something much more important – reliable partners you can count on and a good name that will serve you when needed.
  • It is unnecessary to state exactly what the purpose of the loan is. This option applies not only to mortgage-backed claims, but also to many consumer credit claims. However, if you want a huge amount for your standard, almost every lender would like to know what the purposes for which this money will be used.



  • You must own your property to mortgage. If you don’t pay, the bank collects it. You have to be extremely careful, especially when you are mortgaging your current home. There is a good chance of leaving your family homeless, which is the worst case scenario. If you are in this position, see if there is an option to get a financial product of another type, such as a consumer loan. When the only option is to mortgage your home, you need to be absolutely sure that you are able to pay your monthly installments on a regular basis and not fall behind while accumulating debt. As good as it may seem to be looking for a mortgage without proving an income and getting one from an institution accordingly, not paying the installments will only leave you homeless – nothing more. The bank will take your home, which will cause even more problems. Withdrawals are always fraught with risks, but still minimize them. By signing the mortgage, you declare that you will give your property to the institution in question if you do not pay regularly.
  • The repayment period for such loans is usually about 10 years. It depends on the institution itself, but still check what the options are. If you can defer repayment with smaller installments, but for a longer period, do so. This will give you lower monthly payments and will be easier to handle in the future despite the extended term.
  • You can take a similar loan even if you have a bad credit record. But … Yes, that is very specific. You are looking for a mortgage loan without proof of income because you have a bad credit record, ie. would not approve you for a standard consumer loan. However, if you deal poorly with finances in general, a mortgage will only aggravate your situation.
  • There is usually a ceiling for loans in this way. Depending on the institution, you may receive a lower loan amount. To be sure what the options are, it is imperative to check the bids of several individual institutions. Mortgage loan without proof of income is a possible option if you need serious funds right away. However, see if at a market valuation X BGN, it will not appear that the bank is willing to lend you less money and accordingly there is a drastic difference between the real value of the property and the ceiling of the amount you can take.
  • Higher interest rate. It is not a precedent to get an offer that is higher than the standard interest rate. Like fast loans, the institution’s purpose here is to provide additional protection, since the loan is secured only by real estate, but its price may fall and this is a serious risk of loss indexation. Of course, there is a possibility that the price of the mortgaged property will go up and the bank will eventually make a profit, but it is nevertheless a long-term bond between the two parties.

Late fees on credit cards

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A late fee is a fee charged if your payment is received after the due date or with some loans, after the payment grace period. If you have credit on your credit card, your payment is due at least 21 days after the end of the billing cycle. If you make a payment after the due date, or you make less than the minimum payment, you will be charged a late fee.

Some credit cards have staggered late fees based on your credit card balance. For example, if the balance could be $ 15 between $ 0 and $ 500 your late fee or if your balance is over $ 500 your late fee may be $ 30. Other credit cards have a fixed late fee regardless of the credit on your credit card.


The maximum credit card late fee

The maximum credit card late fee

By law, credit card companies are limited to what they can do for a late fee. Credit card companies may charge a maximum late fee of $ 25 the first time you arrive late or up to $ 35 if you are late on your payment in the past six months. The late fee cannot exceed the amount of the injury. For example, if you are late on a $ 10 minimum payment, your late fee cannot be higher than $ 10. Because of this, many credit card companies have made the minimum payment of $ 25 or more.


Late fees to other accounts

Late fees to other accounts

You can also be charged a late fee on loans and lines of credit. If you do not pay the late fee before your next billing cycle ends, your next minimum payment will include the regular minimum payment, the late fee, and overdue payment from the previous billing cycle. Mostly any type of account with a due date charges a late fee if your payment is not made by the due date.


How to avoid a late fee

credit payment

You can completely avoid late fees by at least paying the full minimum payment before the due date. Sending your payment in advance is important, especially if you mail your payments. If you habitually forget to pay, consider paying term payments through the credit card issuer website or through your bank’s online bill.

You should also pay close attention to your payment when the time is due, especially if you are paying when due. If your payment is made after the cut-off time, even if it is on the due date, you can still be charged a late fee. Credit card companies cannot require your payment to be due before 5:00 pm, and some even accept payments until midnight. Check with your credit card issuer to learn the exact time your payment is due, but avoid cutting this tight.

If it is close to your due date, you can avoid an accelerated payment by paying a late fee by going online or by phone. Lenders often charge an additional fee for accelerated payments, especially if a customer service agent processes your payment to help you avoid a late fee. Fortunately, the accelerated fee is often less than a late fee.

If you are not often late on your credit card or loan payments, your lender can waive the late fee if you ask.

What is refinancing debts?

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Reaching the end of the month is a concern for many people, especially in those cases where the level of indebtedness is high. This is much more common than it seems and can lead to especially serious situations. If you are in such a case, refinancing debts may be the solution.

On this occasion we are going to tell you how debt refinancing works and we will give you some tips so that you do not overdo it and do not have to need this measure.

What is debt refinancing?

What is debt refinancing?

It is an alternative to restructure the different debts that a person has in order to deal with them more comfortably and without financial difficulties. It is a good measure for someone who has problems with their economy and does not want to get to the point of appearing in delinquent files.

But not all refinancing works the same, there are several assumptions that it is important that you know.

Types of refinancing

Types of refinancing

Debt Reunification

It is one of the most used modalities, it consists of converting all debts into one . What is usually done is to request a loan for the amount owed, cancel all loans or credits with that money and keep a single debt. This way you get more time to pay, which at the same time reduces the monthly fee .

Debt Novation

We believe that we have no power to negotiate with banks, but it is not so. The bank prefers that you negotiate with him and give in some things before having to face that you are not going to pay him .

With the novation of debts, what is done is to negotiate with the bank to change the terms of the loans and make them more favorable . In these cases, what is usually achieved is an increase in the repayment term, which automatically reduces the monthly installments.

Debt subrogation

If the negotiation with your bank does not work, what you can do is take your debt to another entity that offers you better conditions . This is especially interesting in the case of mortgages.

What type of refinancing should I use?

What type of refinancing should I use?

The way you collect debts you use depends largely on what you are looking for with it. If you have several outstanding loans and you want to pay a single installment , then the best option for you is the reunification of debts.

If you simply want to get better conditions for your loan you should choose the novation. However, if there is another entity that offers you better conditions, then bet on subrogation and change banks.

Tips to refinance a debt

Tips to refinance a debt

Control and plan your economy

Ideally, you should never reach the situation of needing such measures. To do this you must make a good planning of your economy and determine how you will use your resources . It’s about being able to live well without over-indebtedness.

Know your situation in detail

We often get into bad economic situations due to carelessness and lack of foresight , this is basically because we do not analyze our economic situation well and believe that we can face more expenses than we really can.

Set your own limits

Each person has a different economic situation. It’s not just about what you earn, but what you spend. In fact, what you spend is much more important in your economic situation than what you are entering .

If you analyze your financial situation well and know it in detail, you can set personal spending limits that will help you avoid excessive indebtedness.

Weigh the cost of refinancing

If you have too many loans and reuniting debts is the last alternative you have left, examine all the details well, do not forget that this operation also carries a series of associated costs such as the costs of opening and canceling loans.

Adjust the repayment term of the new loan

If you have analyzed your economic situation well, you will know how much you can spend per month, which will allow you to better choose the return period. If you have many problems right now to reach the end of the month, it is better that you choose a longer term to reduce the monthly fees .

Keep in mind that your economic situation may improve in the future, so you can always make early repayments so you don’t have to spend many years paying the same loan.

Choose a good negotiating entity

Debt reunification is usually carried out through negotiating agencies. Be sure to choose one that really cares about finding a personalized solution to your problem and whose fees are not too high.

Better reunify than duty

Better reunify than duty

Debt refinancing is a very valid and useful alternative in situations of over-indebtedness. However, it is best that you do not have to face this situation. And for this, the solution is to plan your expenses to have a healthy economy .

Sometimes it can be complex to manage and control household accounts. But you can always count on specialists to help you create a customized savings plan . Remember that prevention is better than cure.

In case the situation of over-indebtedness is already irremediable, it is also advisable to put yourself in the hands of a professional who analyzes your situation and helps you choose the best option to solve your debts. 

Credit or leasing?

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vehicle loan

Financing a vehicle with a credit offers you the possibility of having the car of your choice and paying it for fixed monthly fees. This credit linked to the purchase of a car is an interesting alternative to leasing and can be an ideal and advantageous financing solution. This is valid for a new or used vehicle.

Many ignore how expensive leasing is. A private credit is slightly more advantageous, offering you a decisive advantage: the car belongs to you from the start – which is not the case with a lease.

Leasing a vehicle is very attractive: You do not need a large sum of money. But it is wrong to be deceived by the conditions of a lease that seem advantageous, the monthly fees for the lease are only part of the true costs.


The costs that we don’t see immediately

credit payment

  • Full insurance is mandatory. : When leasing you have an obligation to do so. You cannot switch to less expensive partial insurance for the duration of the lease. To top it off, insurance for a leased vehicle is more expensive than for a fully paid car (see the rubric: “Leasing is more expensive”).
  • The services must be carried out in a garage of the brand: the contract often provides for carrying out the service with a dealer of the brand. You cannot then go to a cheaper garage. The cost of services should not be estimated to be lower, as leasing companies order the vehicle’s maintenance conditions. Therefore, only the original parts cannot be used. Even when you have frequent problems you have to pay the lease, even when it is in the garage.
  • Expensive additional kilometers: As a general rule, maximum kilometers are fixed in the contract. This means that you must pay for each additional km made. If the km number estimate has been set too low, this will have important financial consequences when returning the car at the end of the contact.


What’s leasing disadvantage


Other disadvantages are not allowed to be difficult to calculate and can have enormous consequences. For example, the question of who owns the vehicle. During the time of the lease, the vehicle belongs to the leasing company and not the person who leased it. You cannot do what you want, especially to sell or lend to a person. As a general rule, the vehicle is delivered to the leasing company at the end of the contract. You have no legal right to purchase the vehicle if this aspect has not been agreed in the lease.

Going over the top, it will cost you dearly if you intend to terminate the lease prematurely. You stay aggregated for 3 to 5 years according to the contract. If you terminate the lease before the due date, you must bear the loss of the vehicle’s value. This means the amount of monthly lease payments is increased retroactively and you must immediately pay the full amount of the difference.

This in most cases represents an important amount. If the lease is terminated due to financial difficulties, this can lead to a boomerang effect. If you are unable to meet the monthly lease payments, you will be less able to afford early termination of a lease.


Reasons against leasing and in favor of other financing solutions

leasing and in favor of other financing solutions

otal purchase is undoubtedly the most advantageous option. If we cannot pay the full purchase price, we have to examine the credit variant. This can be more advantageous than leasing if you get an advantageous credit. One thing cannot be lost sight of: the vehicle does not belong to you at the end of the lease.

loan approved

One banking product that is considered to be very helpful to the public is unsecured loan loans or commonly abbreviated as KTA. Unlike other types of credit that require creditors to surrender valuable assets as collateral or collateral, in the Unsecured Loans, the bank does not require at all even not asking customers to provide collateral. That means that everyone has the same opportunity to get an injection of funds even though he does not have valuable assets.

The majority of customers who apply for unsecured loans or KTA loans are people who are looking for alternative financing to meet the needs of a large enough amount, for example, to finance college tuition, to renovate a house or to finance holidays abroad. In addition, many of the customers who apply for this credit come from entrepreneurs and professionals who need funds to start a business or to help with their business operations.

Almost every bank in Indonesia has unsecured loan credit products, both large-scale banks and people’s credit banks. One main requirement to be able to get this credit is to have a credit record that matches the criteria made by the bank. Here, customers who are accepted or passed their application for obtaining unsecured loans are usually those who are not blacklisted by Total United Bank.

However, what is the difference between unsecured loan loans and other loan products? Here is a brief review:


Credit type

credit loan

In general, the purpose of a customer using funds from unsecured loans must be adjusted to the financial condition he has. Everyone is allowed to apply for a loan according to their needs, but they must also be able to repay it in accordance with the agreements that have been made and made within a predetermined tenor or time period.

Loans without collateral itself are also very suitable for people who need access to fast funds as temporary bailouts.


Tenor or Duration

unsecured loan

Every unsecured loan approved by the bank is permanent and also based on contracts made with the bank. The credit period or period in which the customer makes monthly payments is a very important part of the contract. Therefore, when you want to apply for a loan without collateral, it is better to consider the term of the loan so that later you do not feel heavy to pay installments.

Many banks impose penalties or fines on customers who are late in paying loans. This is also usually applied if the customer repays the loan faster than the agreed tenor. Therefore, choose the time period that is most appropriate for you, whether 12 months or more.


Monthly Fixed Interest

Monthly Fixed Interest

In most unsecured loans, the total number of customer loans is referred to as the principal. When a customer pays monthly installments, then he not only has to return the loan principal but is also required to pay interest on the loan. This is a form of compensation for services provided by the bank. Usually the interest on loans in unsecured loans uses a fixed monthly interest system. This should be taken into consideration when you want to apply for this credit. therefore, choose a bank that does provide loans with the lowest credit interest.


Total Installment Payments

loan Payments

The amount of installments or installments that must be paid every month is the accumulation of the principal loan, loan interest and administrative costs. Customers should use this amount as an indicator of total expenses each month. Beware if the loan provider or creditor does not provide complete information related to the installment details, because there is a possibility they have hidden financing.

It is not difficult to find a bank that is willing to provide unsecured loans because almost all banks have the product. however, one thing that must be kept in mind is that each bank has a different policy, especially in terms of the application of loan interest. As much as possible, look for a bank that imposes low interest rates and provides flexibility so that later you don’t feel burdened.

debt loan

Today, I would like to start a series of articles about life after deciding on debt relief. To guide you a bit through this difficult, demanding process of strength, energy and faith.

Prepare you for what can happen and what you will feel about it. And that this is normal. And how to fix it. Each of us knows the euphoria that accompanies New Year’s resolutions. We are full of hope and enthusiasm, we can already see the effects of keeping our resolutions.

It is similar with the implementation of debt relief, or rather the decision to actually get out of debt. At the same time, I would like to point out that when I write a debt relief, I do not mean debt relief services, but the debt relief process implemented by the debtor himself.

I have already written about debt relief companies here. After an email from the reader, with a history of cooperation with one such company, I became their definite enemy.

Returning to the topic and the debtor, who made the decision that he would do anything to get out of debt, he prepared his plan, based on the main principles of “how to get out of debt.” It is full of energy and hope for a better life without debts.


Negotiation of arrears repayment

Negotiation of arrears repayment

Letters sent to creditors, prepared budget and debt repayment strategy. As you know, paper will take everything and everything looks beautiful and correct on paper.And suddenly there are stairs for which most debtors are not prepared, and should be prepared. Provide yourself with knowledge or support – in the form of loved ones, therapist or even my humble person.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, among many letters repaid to creditors, the majority will receive a negative response. Yes, negative. I have already written about it many times, I tell you about it during our e-mail correspondence. The creditor will most often refuse, because first of all he has his hands connected with the procedures, and secondly, frequent consents to better repayment terms would result in an avalanche increase in overdue payments.

If it were spread that creditors and banks were settling settlements to the right and left – who would like to pay on time? Why pay off debts when the bank agrees to another date?


Does this mean that our debt relief plan has collapsed?

debt relief

Even if the creditor has not given permission to pay the debt on the proposed terms, there is a high probability that he is ready to agree to your terms, you just have to try harder. You must prove that this commitment you will already see that this time you will keep your word. Show that you are the person who should have a leg, who made mistakes, but drew the right conclusions from them. Prove your honesty and integrity. Try your best. It’s a bit like treason in marriage. Some partners will never forgive and leave immediately, and others will need time and proof that it was a one-time and insignificant leap to the side that will never happen again.

Refusal does not mean that your creditor is already closed.

Persevere, do not break down. You have to try. Put yourself in the position of a creditor (or betrayed spouse). Consider if in their place you would believe the promises or would you need proof. Do your job and if you can do it even more. Stick to the plan, from time to time write to the creditor, informing about the steps taken. My and my students’ experience shows that this strategy is ideal for most banks and most invoice creditors. I will devote a separate entry to the payday companies, although I also recommend sending a repayment plan and sticking to it.