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Taking out loans online, a few years ago, this approach was rather unusual. In the meantime, however, this offers the ideal opportunity to have a much better selection and usually also cheaper loans with better conditions.

The reason that online loans are generally cheaper than at local banks is that costs for rent and personnel are saved. This is passed on to the customer in the form of lower interest rates. In addition, you can take out loans online at such a good price, because thanks to the calculator that is available on the Internet, you can compare the conditions of numerous different banks and then choose the best offer.

You do not have to go from bank to bank, as was customary in the past, to obtain offers. A comparison on the Internet shows you the cheapest providers at a glance. It is also much more discreet to take out a loan online as there is no need to speak to a bank advisor.

Requirements for a loan on the Internet

loan Requirements for a loan on the Internet

The prerequisites for taking out a loan online are generally the same as for any other installment loan. The applicant should be of legal age and have a checking account, a regular income, and perfect Schufa information. If it is a loan without Schufa, the latter does not matter. However, there must be a fixed income. If you cannot meet both conditions, there is an option to provide the bank with additional collateral such as a property or a surety. The latter takes over the payments in the event of any loan defaults.

The process of applying for the loan on the Internet

If you want to take out a loan online, you usually fill out several forms on your PC. This data is then sent. Thanks to the automated systems, the answer is usually very quick. The bank now announces whether the loan can be approved and also on what terms.

The contract is sent by email or post and only needs to be signed and sent back. A Harrison procedure is carried out at the post office counter, which serves to ascertain the identity of the customer. The provider requests additional documents to compare the form data, such as proof of income and bank statements. The bank then processes the loan application and if the customer meets the requirements, the loan will be granted. The loan amount is usually paid out within a few days after approval.